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    You don't find what you're looking for?? Do you need help to find a product that you cannot find on our website? You have doubts about an existing product?? Contact our team for advice on: [email protected] or by phone 0034 698 324 540

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    Memjet Evo adjustable power module for Ducati. Fruit of years of research and experimentation on various models of Ducati, including on the road. Memjet Evo additional control unit is designed to improve the performances of motorcycles with injection engine systems allowing a fuel quantity increase. The ideal supplement when installing exhausts and...

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    24h-4 days
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    Jetprime DM PRO allows you to change the fuel ratio independently from the setting set by the motorcycle manufacturer by modifying the interval in which the injectors remain open during the air intake phase.

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    Remapping of the original control unit of any Ducati with any type of control unit or EPROM.Map your original control unit to the specifications of your motorcycle (exhaust, filter, engine ...) as well as the detection and troubleshooting of switchboards*The price includes round trip shipments**

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    The Motogadget mo.unit.blue control unit is a digital masterpiece. Its innovative electronics allow for individual configuration, and its space-saving design can be easily concealed on your motorcycle. It has 12 inputs and 10 outputs, interchangeable high-quality cable clamps, and Bluetooth® LE. This enables it to connect directly to the 'mo.ride' app on...

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    Control of mixing unit air/fuel to increase the power, torque and engine response. The Bazzaz Z-Fi take control of all the injectors and not only half as they do other switchboards. This is a significant advantage for a perfect fit of the engine, resulting in a better throttle response and an increase in benefits

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    Control unit Power Commander III for Ducati. It allows to adjust the mapping of injection of the bike under different conditions and independently for each cylinder. The ideal accessory for mounting along with leaks and high performance filter.

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    Unit for Power Commander V. engine management adjusts engine mapping to optimize your performance. The ideal accessory when using leaks and high-performance air filters.

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    Semi-automatic change module to engage gear freewheel or leave expedite. Pallows the user to adjust each gear separately cutting time, allowing an optimal change in all gears. The kit includes a control unit, wiring, change sensor and a rod.

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    Module AutoTune for Power Commander V. can be set to automatic and real-time mapping of the two cylinders of the engine separately. Improve the performance of your Ducati uncomplicated engine.

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    7 - 9 days
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    EVR engine Control Unit the for all Ducati models, equipped with the latest-generation technology with  the 5.9 ECU Marelli system of control, replaces the "Plug and Play." original unit. Read more... (down).

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    BAZZAZ EPZ TC is one of the engine management ECU advanced market incorporating change semi-automatic and adjustable traction control by keeping all the options and advantages of the EPZS in a very compact device and high quality.

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